The South China Sea: Hightime for Compromise

The South China sea has become a global hotbed of militarisation these days thanks to the over increasing tensions over the soverignity claims on some uninhaboted islands by China and its neighbors,backed by the United States. The recent news of heavy solid missiles installed in the disputed islands came about the same time John Kerry receives Chinese foreign ministry delegates in Washington and also at the same time President Obama is hosting several ASEAN nations, many of whom have by far contested the chinese claims.It therfore seems to be an alarm bell ringing in the context of so-called peaceful rise of China.

It must be noteworthy that though both China and ASEAN nations have argued over the claims of uninhabited islands,it seems unrealistic that posession of these islands bear any significant economic as well as  military advantage for either parties.The fundamental reasons of Chinese claims are based on the fact of the arrival and capturing of some islands before any other colonial claims.The other nations have also claimed based on similar arguments only.The rising military power of China has already unnerved its neighbors and hence they see these islands as a strategic detterance against China. Also I think the Chinese are to  blame themsleves as its quick militay retaliations instead of political response has pushed its many neighbors including its former ally Vietnam to the much broader American umbrella.

Whatever may be  the hidden agendas of the engaging nations,these moves bear a significant importnace to American strategists as the United States has  started to reassert its Pacific pivot by infusing lots of financial as well as miltary resources to it.Also, I believe, even if the China has installed several military installations on the islands,it would only be a matter of half an hour or less before these islands are annihilated in pretext of a full-scale war,since the US maintains an overwhelming miltary edge over all the pacific powers combined.I think even China knows this.That’s why the Chinese are carefully assesing their moves hoping  that  one day they can block American access to these waters.Overall, in this game of war and politics,world is again slipping into a new cold war.No body cares about morality and justice anymore, as Socrates said “All things are fair in love and war”. The United States must play its moves wisely to win the game in its favor.

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