Poem 1: Oh Desire!!!

                          Oh desire!!!


Oh Desire!!! What are you???
Where are you???
Do you know why?
Why?  I am so alone?
It’s cause of you, Oh desire!!!!

Oh desire!!! Where are you?
I chase you all along
Still can’t get a hold of you
I will cross the whole world,
I repeat, cross the world  for you!!!

Oh desire!!! Who are you??
That gives all perseverance
Some say You are just all delusionary
But is it true?
Tell me , Oh desire???

Oh desire!!! 21 years around the sun
I looked around, But where are you???
Just show me where are you
or just give me your gift
If you really exist!!!



Parted petal from flower’s bloom

Drifts in breeze of last summer’s dream.

Lost without hope in distant shore’s gloom.
Oh desire!!!
Alas!!! I will never see you again……


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